Stormwater Awards - Industry Recognition

The Stormwater Awards recognise and applaud innovation, development, completion and management of stormwater projects and the contributors involved.

What We Get!

Award Catagories

  • Strategic or Master Planning
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Asset Management Accomplishment
  • Innovation, Research and Development

Benefits include

  • Recognition of the project’s stature
  • Showcasing project and solutions providers who have made contribtions
  • Demonstrating to all stakeholders
  • Ongoing promotion within the industry and associated parties

Other Awards

  • Display within your organisation
  • Providing an example of leadership and capability that can be advocated and promoted elsewhere
  • Recognising the team achievements of stakeholders in the project

Integrated Stormwater Design

SunRise Estate Integrated Stormwater Strategy

Sunrise is a rapid growth area of western development that required a stormwater treatment strategy. Early strategy development incorporated a less than traditional approach to management of stormwater on the site.


Excellence In Policy

Stormwater Audit Program

Stormwater Audit Programs to engage commercial and industrial business operators in preventing stormwater pollution, operating under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act).


Infrastructure Development and Implementation

Canal Rehabilitation

Reconstructed Canals, adjacent to major hubs..


Excellence In Research & Innovation

Stormwater Pollution Investigation

Pollution Source Assessment Tool, assists in understanding risk to water quality from stormwater as a key contributor to the pollution risk in urban Drinking Water Catchment

Awards & Scholarship

Stormwater currently offering three half mentorships for emerging water leaders who want to participate in the next intake One Water Leadership Program. These scholarships are reserved for members