Building Water Sensitive Cities

Using industry-leading knowledge and tools from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities to benchmark performance.


Integrated Water Management Training

Engaging professionals outside the water industry on the principles and benefits of integrated water management.


Leadership for Young Water Professionals

Helping early-career technical professionals access superior job opportunities by developing soft skills.

Storm Water: WMU Water Services

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Facilities Management are primarily involved in implementing the requirements of the permit. In the summer of 2002, Facilities Management began implementing an illicit discharge detection program by surveying all outfalls during dry weather. If water is draining from these outfalls when there has been no rain, an illicit connection is somewhere in the system. An outfall is defined as the point where wastewater or drainage discharges from a sewer pipe, ditch, or other conveyance to a receiving body of water.

Strategic Communications

Technical professionals and organisations have the knowledge and ideas about how things can be done better, but are not getting the support and uptake for their solutions that enable them to make a difference and positively impact peoples’ lives.

How do we ensure technical professionals can connect with diverse audiences, demonstrate the impact of new approaches and make a difference?

Our increasingly complex world requires technical professionals and organisations to engage with a diverse variety of stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions.

But connecting and communicating with stakeholders takes time away from core activities, does not always yield a good result if not strongly linked to the technical outcome and risks cost and time blowouts if you don’t bring people on board.

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