Our increasingly complex world requires technical professionals and organisations to engage with a diverse variety of stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions.

But connecting and communicating with stakeholders takes time away from core activities, does not always yield a good result if not strongly linked to the technical outcome and risks cost and time blowouts if you don’t bring people on board.

Our vision is to fundamentally improve the way we live by bridging the gap between technical solutions and society.

Storm Water Assistance

We asked Stormwater to assist with strategic engagement for an important pilot project that we undertook for South East Water. The project involved developing an online GIS tool to facilitate communication and collaboration to promote IWM. Stormwater brought huge energy and clarity to the project and provided invaluable input by helping the client understand and articulate what they wanted to achieve and their key objectives. They also helped us identify key stakeholders, get buy-in and understand potential risks. Without their input, the project would have taken a lot longer and not run as smoothly.



Building agreement around shared goals and outcomes through an informed and guided process that meaningfully draws on the thoughts and ideas of people from diverse.


Values-Based Optioneering

Establishing and incorporating stakeholder values into the engineering options development process to ensure support and delivery of multiple benefits.


Engagement Design

Ensuring engagement is strategic, efficient and meaningful by investing in planning and preparation to understand your objectives, what will create the most value for you and your stakeholders and what outcomes you want from the engagement.

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